From cowboy hats to trucker caps to fedoras, in order to keep your hats clean, neat and presentable, they must all be stored in a manner that keeps them preserved. Hat stands and hat racks are an integral part of a hat collectors’ daily life. Stands and Racks can be used to display, store or organize any number of styles. They have been in existence since the early 1800’s in the front entryways of family homes all over the United States.

Storage mechanisms are primarily made from pine for sturdiness. They have several “pegs” arranged in an alternating design traveling vertically down the shaft to ensure that your caps don’t touch each other. They have a large wide base for support and primarily hold from 12 – 24 caps or hats in an upright position. For many hat and cap collectors, hat stands and hat racks are as much a collectors item as the head gear themselves.

Stands can be easily incorporated into several areas of your décor or closet organization. A stand can be easily installed inside your walk in closet. A hat stand can be custom made to fit into your décor or environment. Most Hat holder stands range between 36 and 52 inches in height to ensure that your hat or cap does not get damaged while not being worn. A hat stand of this size can be easily tucked into a corner of the closet out of the way to keep your walk in closet completely organized.

Racks are also made of pine normally for sturdiness and can be easily incorporated into the décor you have chosen for your home. The pegs on a hat rack are arranged in an alternating design traveling horizontally. A hat rack can be placed on a wall by the door for easy access, in your closet on the door for organizational reasons. It can also be used in place of a hat stand if you have a smaller area in which to store your hats and caps.


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