It was a beautiful Saturday in Minnesota! Was it ever warm for this time of year! We hit 88 Degrees today and my son’s 5th grade Pop Warner football team got a little warm today. What on earth does Pop Warner Football have to do with you? Well, let me tell you a short story if I could.

You see, the game today was one filled with a lot of roller coaster emotions for us parents. (I am sure it was more so for the players and coaches!) At any rate, the first quarter of the winbir  game was back and forth with both teams moving the ball down the field, and then finding a way to self destruct. Whether it was a fumble, penalties or missed opportunities, the first quarter ended at a score of 8 to 7. The second quarter was basically a repeat of the first and at the half, the game was tied at 14 all.

Ok, a brief “back to business” time out here. Wouldn’t it be great if in our own lives we actually had a half time? When I played football one of the most important 15 minutes was the half time. This is were all good coaches make the adjustments necessary for an improved second half. In life however, many of us are simply to busy or unable to take that “half time break” to evaluate and adjust where we are at. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all could make the needed changes in our lives to ensure a better “second half”? Of course it would. Ok, now back to the game summary!

The third quarter ended without any scoring. Twice our team was close to scoring only to be rebuffed by penalties and a turnover. We did however stop their offense from moving the ball in any effective manor. So now the 4th quarter begins with the score still tied. Early on in the 4th quarter our offensive line started to really move the defenders off of the line. You could see their defense begin to tire in the very hot weather. Our team’s conditioning started to take hold. We marched down the field and scored. Now, ahead at 21-14, there was still 8 minutes to go in the game. Our defense held and we got the ball back with a little under 6 minutes to go. Again, the offense was able to quite easily move down the field and score another touchdown. Defense held and we were able to run out the clock for a victory! At 4 and 1 on the season with one game remaining until the playoffs they are looking pretty good! Back to reality and our own lives.

You see, the game today reminded me of how much our own lives can seem to be quite similar to a football game. We start out our lives (our first quarter) learning all we can from birth until age 18. Then, we either continue our education or start in the work force. (2nd quarter has begun) At some point in our lives we look up and feel that we have blown right past “half time” and are now into our 3rd quarter. Before we know it, retirement and needing the proper amount of finances to accomplish this are staring us right in the face. We wonder if and when we can start this 4th quarter of our lives and if we will be able to “go the distance” financially. This of course assumes that life doesn’t throw us too many “fumbles, interceptions or penalties”.

Where are you at in your “game” of life? 2nd Quarter? 3rd Quarter? 4th Quarter? It really doesn’t matter where you are at. It is time to stop and take your own “half time” right now. What does this mean?

It means that whatever you are currently doing to “win the game” better be getting you to your goals. If it seems that the years are going by faster than your accomplishments, you need to adjust your plan. For a “half time adjustment” game plan, feel free to check out my information below. Life doesn’t wait for the “hail Mary” and neither should you!

Wes Engbrecht lives and works from Rochester, Minnesota. He and his wife have two great kids that are greatly enjoying the time freedom that working online has brought to their family! If you want to get your life back and rediscover who your kids really are, we would invite you to check out how we accomplished it. Your kids are growing up way too fast to not provide them with the one thing they truly want…..MORE OF YOUR TIME!!


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