For the first few years of college, most social events are held at parties because many of the people attending are under the age of 21. A lot of guys I’ve talked to have asked me “Since I’m not going to bars a lot, how do I meet girls at parties?”

It’s actually freakishly easy, and I can say without a doubt if you fit within social norms (IE have all your limbs attached, not deformed, speak the language at the party) You can easily be meeting countless girls.

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear is that “girls just don’t like me” and “other guys have something I don’t.” This is dead wrong. The key to creating attraction and meeting/hooking up with a girl at a party can come down to three things.

1. Having a flirty vibe
2. Being a source of fun at the party (basically how you interact with everyone)
3. Knowing when to pull the trigger

I’m going to break down these more

1. Having a flirty vibe

If you simply sit in a corner not having fun then come out of no where and start blatantly hitting on a girl at a party it’s obviously creepy and also very high risk. If the girl rejects your old creeper man approach your going to look stupid. This is what a lot of guys resort to doing however if they really want a girl. It rarely works unless your a celebrity!

There’s a much better way of pinging girls for attraction and it will start to work on every girl in the room. What I’m talking about is being a natural flirt…with everyone. This means talking to all the girls in the room, smiling, hugging them, playfully touching them (thumb war, tickling, picking them up and swinging them around). This does¬†not¬†mean blatantly hitting on every girl and being overly sexual

Now, I’m not saying go up to one girl and do all of these in this order RIGHT NOW!. Being flirty naturally with all girls will make it more arousing and fun to talk to you. Girls love to flirt, and when your flirting with all the girls at the party you can bet your slippers that the other girls are gonna notice you having fun with other girls besides them.

Once your doing this enough, your probably gonna start seeing girls trying to meet YOU instead.

2. Being a source of fun at a party

This is probably the most important part. Girls like kkvsh, girls like to flirt, but girls LOVE to have fun. If your not having a great time at a party its going to be really hard to get girls to notice you. When you go to parties you’ll notice a few people that are the life of the party. If they disappeared, people would suddenly notice and miss them. You have to be one of these people, this way girls will welcome the chance to talk to you and mooch off the fun you bring into their lives.

If you aren’t a social person your going to have to push yourself to meet everyone at the party and be a social water hose instead of a social sponge. Going crazy at a party, talking loudly, having interesting stories that people want to hear will make you in demand socially. By doing this girls will literally start hovering around you to get in on the fun.

An easy way to get in the habit of being this type of person is by meeting everyone in the room, being easily excitable, and amusing yourself instead of looking to others to make your night fun.

3. Knowing when and how to pull the trigger

This is where so many guys mess up because they don’t understand how or are afraid to pull the trigger. When your at a party there is a few things that can REALLY help you with girls. If you getting a good vibe from a girl, pay attention for places where you can go talk alone. (patio, empty hallway, bed room or just an area away from the party)

Why should you do this?

Girls are not going to open up sexually or physically if they are surrounded by 15 of their closest judgmental friends. When you get a chance to hang out as a pair, you will notice the girl can finally relax and be herself with you. At this point you can really start to make a connection and even start hooking up a bit (OH BOY!)

Don’t be afraid to get close to a girl you like and DEFINITELY don’t just sit there and chat about the weather. This will get the girl frustrated. If she has wandered off somewhere with you alone, shes there for one thing…YOU!

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