I Am Legend is another fantastic movie starring by Will Smith. I am a big fan of Smith’s movies, and I enjoyed this one as well. Will Smith puts on an emotional performance as usual, and it really makes you get into the movie.

The movie is set in the year 2012, but there are repeated flashbacks to the year 2009 which is when the mutants first appeared. Robert Neville (played by Smith) is the last man on earth because he has hid from the mutants, and is immune to the virus. Teleserye The mutants were a result of a relapse of a cancer cure.

After 1001 days in captivity we join Neville in trying to find a cure for these mutants, all while locking himself up during the night every night, so he doesn’t get killed by the mutants. I was surprised to find out that this was supposed to be a horror film, but that just added to the movie’s greatness. The mutants look a bit cheesy, but the scariest part, is knowing that this could happen, maybe not the mutation, but definitely the loss of pigment and raised aggression these mutants experience.

Robert tours the city by day in any car he wishes, hunting deer, and buying all the necessities he needs, and of course listening to his beyond favorite singer, Bob Marley. The fate of human kind rests on his shoulders, and he convinces himself he can save it. It’s just him and his dog, and thousands of mutants left, its up to him to find a cure, and become a Legend.

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