Ever had a day so stress filled that you simply desire you had your platinum membership card to the Escape Club?

Trust me, been there, finished that. Received the T-shirt as well as Coffee Mug! I have experienced all those days in which I desire all I could do was soar on an plane (skipping the Ticketing Counter & TSA Security) and just headed somewhere where by people didn’t know my name. Even better they didn’t need anything from me.

For years, I have tried to figure out how to be able to manage the stress as well as hustle and bustle of life with my type of lifestyle (you know me trying to change the world). It wasn’t until today I was doing one of my daily rituals exactly where I discovered the most brilliant resource for becoming a member of the Escape Club and not worrying about being thrown in jail because I experienced a brilliant idea to jump in the cargo hold of a plane.

One of my daily rituals is to read at least ½ hour every day. I’ll admit I am about 70% good at following through on this. Well, after today, I think that’s going to bump up pretty high. So I am currently reading the book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

Mr. Maltz was a Plastic Surgeon who had a career in transforming the look of people. During his career he found he was drawn to why plastic surgery was transformational for some and not others. He then started studying personality traits and how they impacted people and their life.

Today I was reading a chapter on “Do It Yourself Tranquilizers.”


Before you get excited about what you may think this chapter is about, this chapter talks about how you can relax yourself in many instances especially in a world of constant external distractions.

The type of external distractions may be distractions you are used to responding to. Prime example? Our Smart Phones. If your smart phone is anything like mine, it either chimes or vibrates every time I get a Facebook message, Tweet, Email or lately escape room I’ve been getting Amber Alerts on my phone as well. We are not even going to talk about when my phone rings.

With that being said, Mr. Maltz talks about how we are so wired to respond immediately to responding to our external distractions that it forces us to feel like we are constantly in a stressed place, hence the need to become a member of The Escape Club.

One of his remedies?

“Build Yourself A Quiet Room In Your Mind”

Here’s an excerpt from that chapter that I think sums up very well why you should have a quiet room.


Each of us needs a quiet room inside his own mind – a quiet center within him, like the deep of the ocean that is never disturbed, no matter how rough the waves may become upon the surface.
This quiet room within, which is built in imagination, works as a mental and emotional decompression chamber. It depressurizes you from tensions, worry, pressures stresses and strains, refreshed you and enables you to return to your work-a-day world better prepared to cope with it.”


Ladies & Gents, I introduce you to your free pass to join the Escape Club. In the chapter he talks about creating a room in your imagination that suits your tastes. It has in it what you love whether it be art or plants or things of that nature. The goal is whenever you get stressed or feel the stress on the rise, you take a few moments, close your eyes and visit your Quiet Room in your mind. As you are climbing the stairs, you are leaving all your problems behind and as you enter the room, no one can bother you there. It is peaceful and quiet place.

All I can say is I tried this method out and it works pretty damn good.

So my suggestion for you today!


  1. Create That Quiet Room In Your Mind (Your Taste Your Style)
  2. Visit it when you feel like you are about to be stressed or enter a tense situation.
  3. Spend just a minute or two there.

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