Easter bunny baskets are a very popular way to celebrate Easter, however there are many interpretations in this modern day as to how Easter should or should not be celebrated. Easter is more than a holiday for lots of people. Every nation and every culture has their own customs and traditions regarding festivity celebrations, which are often unique to that particular place. Take a moment to see which ones you are aware of and what Easter means to you. Have a look at the following facts:

There is a large amount of the population who celebrate the life of Christ by the use of white candles (Easter candles) which are lit on Easter Sunday and for the next forty days to symbolize Jesus’ return to life. They are usually extinguished on Ascension Day.

The Easter Lamb is a meek creature that represents the death of Jesus as a lamb was sacrificed on that first Passover. Hence, Jesus became known as the “Lamb of God.” Many people include lamb as part of their Easter feast.

Easter Bunny – The hare or bunny is one of the most adorable and well known symbols of Easter. The bunny serves as a symbol of new life during the spring season and these days children hope to catch sight of him hopping to their house with an Easter basket full of goodies.

Easter Lily – The bloom is gorgeous and the white flower stands for purity and the resurrection of Christ. The trumpet shaped flower symbolizes immortality.

Hot Cross Buns – These are buns baked and often served as traditional breakfast on Good Friday in England. They are so named for the white icing across the top of the bun meant as a reminder to people of the crucifixion. If you kept a hot cross bun from one Good Friday to the next, it was thought that you would have good luck all year long.

Sunrise Services – A gathering filled with rites performed at the Vernal Equinox. People welcome the sun and its power to bring new life into the world.

American kids have been maintaining the custom of playing their very favorite game called Easter egg roll, some lucky ones attending the White House to play.

Why not throw an Easter costume party and ask guests to come dressed as a famous rabbit, how good would that be? Whether you have kids or not, adults can still celebrate the joys of Greek Easter 2022. For starters wouldn’t you just love Harvey, Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, his mother and his sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail, the White Rabbit and the March Hare from “Alice in Wonderland,” not to mention the Easter Bunny knocking on your door this Easter?

So how many celebrations did you know about? I hope you learned something about this most wonderful holiday that comes in the spring for many of us. So watch out for the Easter bunny that will hopefully be bearing baskets full of gifts.

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