Violin for beginners presents a number of questions best answered before beginners violin lessons commence – your thoughts on these will have a bearing on both your success and enjoyment.

Beginner Violin – Why?

Before anything else ask yourself honestly ‘why do I want beginner violin lessons?’. Is it for you or your family; is it for fun or for a career; for private pleasure or public performance? This will set your ongoing motivation to continue beginners’ violin lessons.

Beginner Violin – How?

How are you going to treat your beginners’ violin lessons? Will you dedicate a certain time each day to practice or just have a go when you feel like it? Are you a patient learner or do you want results yesterday? Whatever your temperament you can plan for it by being honest now and prepare for success.

Beginner Violin – Where?

Violin lessons, for beginners especially, will benefit greatly from taking place in a dedicated place in your home, a music room is terrific but any space set aside specifically for your beginners violin lessons will help you to feel dedicated to your practice as soon as you and your violin are there and ready. Fill the place with violin for sale-related paraphernalia – pictures, music stand, CD’s etc.

Beginner Violin – Who?

Who is going to teach you beginner’s violin and guide you through the basics of of playing the violin? Do you have a tried and trusted teacher, or someone that you know you’ll be comfortable with in the early days? Remember that you will have ups and downs as your violin lessons progress and you need a sympathetic and quite patient character to guide your beginner’s violin lessons.

Beginner Violin – When?

If you have found a wonderful teacher of beginner’s violin – congratulations!, they are not commonplace. Can you guarantee to set aside your travel time to and fro as well as your violin lesson time without fail? What happens if either of you can’t make the violin lesson or if one of you moves home? Do you have a back-up plan so your violin instruction can continue happily?


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