Many people ask themselves that question each and everyday because people probably told them that all survey sites are scams but they are wrong. There are a few real and legitimate sites that will pay you for your opinion. The reason why many think like that is because they have probably been scammed by one. The internet is a very big place and where 메이저사이트 there is good, there is bad. Every 10 survey sites you visit, 8 out of them will be scam sites. So out of the millions of survey sites on the internet right now, only a few of them are good ones. Luckily, I know of a great way of avoiding falling into a bad site.

It is simple, use big forums to your advantage as much as you can because you can get good answers there. People are sharing their experience with some survey sites and answers like yours are being answered each and every day! You can also check older threads/posts on the forum to see if your question has already been asked. You should avoid smaller forums because they are not established and the members are a bunch of spammers that want to waste your time.

Last but not least, do not use search engines because you will not get positive results. The search engines does its job of giving you a list of survey sites but most of them are scams. The real ones are hidden in the 20+ page because there are so many scam sites that the real ones loose their position on search engines. It is like if you are the last one standing in war and you are against 100 more people. You are going to loose!

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